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Buried in today’s announcement by The Advocate that it had hired four more key editors and reporters away from the Times-Picayune were two references to “the New Orleans Advocate”.

The “t” in “the” was in lower case, so it’s not clear whether this is just a short way of referring to The Advocate New Orleans Edition, or is a new name for that publication.

I hope it’s the latter. It sounds better, it’s easier to say, and it makes it clear that this will really be a New Orleans newspaper rather than a New Orleans version of a Baton Rouge newspaper.

Commenting on The Advocate’s printing plant in a recent interview with Melanie Hebert on WUPL-TV, new Advocate owner John Georges said,

It’s the newest printing press in America. … We can do two newspapers, three newspapers. It has the ability to do a lot more.

Was Georges telegraphing a more distinctive identity for “the New Orleans Advocate”?

Time will tell.