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Don’t like Blame it on Microsoft.

The software giant has awarded the 2013 Microsoft Digital Marketing Partner of the Year Award to Advance Digital, parent company of NOLA Media Group and the other similar-sounding organizations owned by Advance Publications.

According to an announcement at (the look-alike Alabama equivalent of,

The award recognizes excellence in innovation and implementation of digital marketing campaigns using Microsoft products. …

Advance Digital was one of 3,000 companies nominated for approximately 40 awards Microsoft bestows annually on its business partners. It was the first time Microsoft awarded an honor for digital marketing.

Peter Weinberger, president of Advance Digital, praised Microsoft for the way it has worked with Advance’s local websites.

“Microsoft has been an incredible partner committed to providing us with innovative marketing solutions for our customers and constant support for all our local media groups, that includes MLive Media Group, Alabama Media Group and NOLA Media Group,” Weinberger said.

Call me a luddite, but how all that “excellence in innovation and implementation of digital marketing campaigns” is demonstrated by any of the Advance Digital websites is lost on me.