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No, not the D-Day we commemorated last week. One year ago today the Times-Picayune announced that it had dismissed more than 200 employees as part of its new digital-first strategy.

June 12, 2012 was a disaster for the laid-off employees, of course, but the disdain of the community soon made it clear that it was an even bigger debacle for the paper.

A deluge of subscription cancellations hit the paper, and readers and media analysts alike slammed the disgraceful website that was supposed to be the dot-com heart of the new way of putting out the news.

As the Picayune’s fortunes declined, a certain wealthy businessman and investor decided to give it a run for its money by bringing back a seven-day-a-week paper dedicated to the city so we could all dance on the Picayune’s grave.

Rumor has it that when NOLA Media Group management realized how delusional their thinking had been, they uttered a collective