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Daily home delivery subscribers to the New Orleans Times-Picayune have always enjoyed not only the convenience of curbside delivery but also a significant cost advantage over the price of the paper at the newsstand. That will end when the T-P goes to three-day-a-week delivery in October 2012.

In the past, daily home delivery costed 1/3 less than the newsstand price, but it will now cost 12% more. Here are the figures (note that for this analysis I have not included the Monday “Saints” issues in the cost figures since that will likely be the sole topic of those issues):

As shown, the newsstand cost of the Sunday paper will remain a bargain (28% less) compared to the cost of Sunday-only home delivery.

For the mathematically curious, here are the calculations:

Old Daily

Delivery: $18.95/month x 12 months / 365 issues = $0.62/issue

Newsstand: (($0.75/Mon-Sat issue x 6 issues/week x 52 weeks)+($2.00/Sunday issue x 52 weeks)/364 issues) = $0.93/issue

New Daily

Delivery: $16.95/month x 12 months / 156 issues = $1.30/issue

Newsstand: (($0.75/Wed&Fri issue x 2 issues/week x 52 weeks)+($2.00/Sunday issue x 52 weeks))/156 issues = $1.17/issue

Sunday Only

Delivery: $12.00/month x 12 months / 52 issues = $2.77 per issue

Newsstand: $2.00 per issue


  • Daily home delivery will continue to be more convenient than purchasing every issue at the newsstand.


  • It will be more economical to pick and choose which issues you want to buy at the newsstand, especially if all you want is the Sunday paper.