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It’s pretty obvious that the T-P is experimenting with the layout and content of its front page as it moves to “digital first” priorities while trying to hang on to whatever number of print subscribers it has left.

The layout of some front pages over the past few months has looked more like a web page than a front page, perhaps as an experiment to see if the paper can present a similar “look and feel” between the print edition and the website.

A front page New Orleans Saints article, often prominently above the fold, is now an almost daily feature, an obvious attempt to appeal to the fans among the print readers whose appetite for news about their beloved team is presumed to be insatiably addictive.

But today may be the topper – a hook for male baby boomers who are anxious about their virility, in the form of a front-page headline that reads “Testosterone frenzy draws skepticism”. I can’t remember a time when a hormone has made it to the front page, but if you’re trying to retain print readership by males beyond a certain age, I guess this is one way to do it.

But don’t look for the testosterone article online, where the readership is presumably younger and not so worried about whether they’ve still “got it”. A search of resulted in this:

Testosterone Search Results 9-10-2012