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One of the oldest and most revered brand names in the newspaper business is in jeopardy of being killed off by Advance Publications’ newly installed management.

Ask anyone in the NOLA Media Group organization for their business card these days, and you will see that their email address ends in (just about all the email addresses formerly in use have been converted to use the domain name). And if you meet a reporter and ask them what organization they represent, likely as not they’ll say “”, not “the Times-Picayune”.

This is obviously an effort to emphasize NOLA Media Group’s new “digital first” orientation, but a more cynical view is that it is also part of a strategic move to separate the digital and print organizations, so the latter can be jettisoned when the former reaches a sufficient level of profitability. Whatever the reason, we will hear less and less about “the Times-Picayune” and more and more about “” as time goes on.