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According to a message posted today in a private Facebook group, at least seven former Times-Picayune employees have filed “unlawful employment practices” lawsuits against the paper. Abstracts of all the suits are identical except for gender, job description, and the number of years of employment. An example reads as follows:

[Name] v.
The Times Picayune LLC; Advance Publications Inc.
12/11/2013 [Docket] (New Orleans)

Unlawful employment practices action. Despite defendants’ purported “Newhouse Job Security Pledge,” which was supposed to guarantee that plaintiff, a reporter at the Times Picayune for 26 years, would not be laid off because of economic circumstances or technological changes, plaintiff was laid off. Before she lost her job, plaintiff realized it had been posted to be filled, but plaintiff was not given the opportunity to reapply. A younger, lesser paid employee was hired to take her spot.

It had been rumored for some time that a group of laid-off employees were contemplating some sort of age discrimination action against the paper, and it looks like that action has now been taken.

Stay tuned …