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Things continue to develop at “The New Orleans Advocate”:

  • Addressing one of the main reader complaints, the New Orleans edition of the paper has started publishing New Orleans area obituaries, and only those. Baton Rouge obituaries will no longer appear in the New Orleans paper.
  • John Simerman, who wrote award-winning criminal justice reports for the Times-Picayune, has left that paper and joined The Advocate’s New Orleans bureau, bringing the total number of full-time reporters there to 11. Simerman has 20 years of reporting and editing experience and had worked at the Picayune since 2011.
  • Kari Dequine Harden, who quit the Picayune last August and joined The Advocate as a full-time reporter after writing blistering emails to Picayune brass and Advance Publications chief Steve Newhouse, has moved to freelance status with The Advocate.