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In an article appearing on the front page of this morning’s paper and online, T-P Editor Jim Amoss attempts a preemptive response to the CBS 60 Minutes segment that airs tonight. In the lengthy, self-promoting apologia, Amoss tries to make the argument that the 60 Minutes piece is old news, having been taped “four months ago, as we were preparing our transition”.

Amoss goes on to tout the “155 members of our news staff … 103 [of whom] are veteran staffers”, laments the fact that “2012 was difficult and challenging for the American newspaper industry”, once again dredges up the tired story of the paper’s response to Katrina as an example of its dedication to its readers, then lists a series of recent articles that, he says, “bespeak our commitment to enterprising, in-depth journalism”.

Amoss concludes by claiming increased paid circulation for the paper and a jump in visits to the paper’s website, a claim that was also made in December by two members of the paper’s management team in a WWNO interview with Tulane’s Peter Ricchiuti. (It should be noted that, as a privately owned publication, the T-P is not obligated to, nor does it, regularly reveal detailed circulation figures or web site statistics, so these claims are not subject to objective, independent analysis.)

Readers will be able to draw their own conclusions as to which story is the more accurate portrayal after the 60 Minutes piece airs this evening.