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In a letter released on September 7 by the Peter Mayer advertising agency and a September 10 online report, The Baton Rouge Advocate previewed the official announcement of its plans to fill the void left by the Times-Picayune’s retreat to a three-day-a-week publishing schedule. The official announcement will come at a September 24 news conference.

Beginning October 1 (the day the T-P cutback goes into effect) The Advocate will be available for seven-day-a-week home delivery of  a New Orleans Edition, featuring a front page geared to local interests and fed by a New Orleans-based news staff headed by former T-P veteran Sara Pagones.

Home delivery of the new edition will be available throughout a large portion of the greater New Orleans area. The introductory subscription cost is $14.95 a month for the first six months, payable in full in advance with a promise of a pro rata refund if the subscription is canceled before the six months are over. Thereafter, the monthly cost will be $18.95, the same amount the T-P has charged for daily home delivery for the past few years.

Here’s the full text of the announcement letter:

 The Advocate New Orleans Edition



September 7, 2012


As the Publisher of The Advocate in Baton Rouge, my family has been providing a daily newspaper to the citizens of Louisiana since the early 1900s. In fact, like the newspaper in New Orleans, The Advocate’s origins date back 170 years to 1842. And like New Orleanians, the citizens of Baton Rouge demand quality journalism and are accustomed to receiving it in the form of a daily newspaper. We are proud to meet that demand.

We recognize that the way people get their news is changing. And we will keep up with these changes by delivering news in all the different formats our subscribers use, including print. As trends evolve, The Advocate will continue to deliver a daily, printed newspaper to our subscribers.

Changes in the way The Times-Picayune gathers and reports news have revealed that there is a demand for a daily newspaper in New Orleans that will not be met by any New Orleans publications, beginning October 1, 2012. This would end a 175-year tradition of delivering a daily newspaper to New Orleanians and make New Orleans the largest city in the U.S. without a daily printed paper. At The Advocate, we think New Orleans and its citizens deserve a quality newspaper printed each and every day, and we intend to provide one.

We intend to continue providing subscribers with a daily newspaper that focuses on local, state and national news. While our headquarters will remain in Baton Rouge, our New Orleans newsroom will be made up of veteran New Orleans reporters managed by Bureau Chief Sara Pagones, a veteran New Orleans journalist.

We have earned the trust of Baton Rouge citizens by delivering a quality daily newspaper for more than a hundred years. And we are committed to doing the same in New Orleans.

Please support our commitment to New Orleans. Save the date for our official announcement September 24, more information to follow. Become a subscriber to our daily New Orleans newspaper, and allow us a chance to earn your trust. Call 504-529-0522 to subscribe. Newspaper delivery will begin October 1.

Thank you sincerely,

David Manship
The Advocate