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The New Orleans Advocate has launched a new, NOLA-centric website to complement the newly renamed and redesigned print edition of the newspaper.

According to an article by Stephanie Riegel in the Baton Rouge Business Report, will be officially unveiled later this week, but it’s up and running now. Riegel writes,

Later this week, it will launch a New Orleans Advocate website that is expected to serve as the prototype for a redesigned online edition in Baton Rouge that will debut later this fall, says general manager and chief operating officer Dan Shea.

“By mid-week, the New Orleans website will be fully active and it will allow The website to be more Baton Rouge-centric,” Shea says. “But the design you see will be the design we will turn to in Baton Rouge later this fall. … There were no expectations in New Orleans for what The Advocate website should look like … so everything we have done (differently) we have done first in New Orleans because they don’t have any expectations and they are used to something different.”

Those who have been critical of the design of the Times-Picayune’s website will be delighted by what they see at Instead of a putridly colored “river of news” and a cluttered navigation system, the New Orleans Advocate site has a clean, nicely illustrated design that appeals to the eye and is well organized.

It looks like the Georges machine is operating on all cylinders. Full speed ahead!