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They’re calling it the “Early Sunday Edition”, but it’s really a Saturday newspaper.

Don’t look for this story online, because it’s not there as of now (go figure), but the lead article in today’s printed Money section announces:

The Times-Picayune will publish an early Sunday edition of the newspaper that will be available on racks and newsstands on Saturday mornings, beginning Oct. 6.

… Besides many of the news items published in the regular Sunday newspaper, the early edition will include:

  • An increased focus on high school sports.
  • Saints breaking news and the final injury report.
  • LSU football news and information.
  • Friday night Hornets coverage.
  • A preview of the Fair Grounds entries for Saturday and Sunday.
  • Breaking news stories.

In the announcement, NOLA Media Group president Ricky Mathews says,

“Adding the early Sunday edition is one of the ways we’re connecting with readers to give them news and information they want.”

Gee, thanks Ricky, but why aren’t you calling it the “Saturday Edition”?


It will be delivered Saturday mornings to single-copy locations only and will not be available for home delivery.

No problem; now all we need is a “Late Sunday Edition” to be published on Mondays, an “Early Wednesday Edition” to be published on Tuesdays, and an “Early Friday Edition” to be published on Thursdays, and we’re good!