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(See Update below.)

The SOBs have done it again.

While everyone else in the city is thanking departing T-P staffers on their last day, the newspaper itself has failed to do so.

Oh, sure, there’s a “To Our Readers” plaque on today’s front page that ends:

Thank you for coming with us on this new chapter in our long life.

And as the lead item on the editorial page there’s a well-deserved paean to retiring publisher Ashton Phelps Jr. that ends:

Today, we offer him a heartfelt “thank you.”

But a “thank you” to all the employees who made the paper what it has been for so long and who have been cast out as excess baggage is nowhere to be found.

Ungrateful bastards!

Update: A departing staffer confirms:

You are right, no email, note, nothing. Didn’t really expect it after all the other bad treatment.