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As a refresher:

  • We used to be able to get home delivery of the Times-Picayune seven days a week for $18.95 per month.
  • Then they cut back to three days a week, for $16.95 per month (an 87% increase)
  • Then they threw in that “free” Saints thingie on Monday mornings after Bless You Boys games
  • Then they started pushing out the Sunday paper on Saturdays, calling it the Early Edition of the Sunday Times-Picayune and charging an extra $2.00 for it, but you had to go down to the corner to buy it, ’cause they wouldn’t deliver it to your door.

With me so far?

Now, here comes TPStreet, a tabloid that will publish on the three “off days” for 75 cents, available only at newsstands.

Yippee! We now have a seven-day-a-week Picayune again!

But, uh, what will it cost?

The answer is (($16.95 x 12) + ($2.00 x 52) + ($0.75 x 3 x 52))/12

Got that?


Okay then, the answer is $35.37 per month (87% more than the old $18.95/month daily subscription cost), and you’ll have to drive to the grocery to get it four days a week.

Happy now?

What’s that? You won’t buy the Sunday paper on Saturday and Sunday?

How disloyal of you!

But in that case the answer (for a six-day-a-week paper) is $26.7o per month, plus gas money.